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"Our production exceeded our yearly goals by 7X. None of our achievements would have been possible without Geoff's support and his platform to help us grow."

Eric Carson - Southern Trust Mortgage


Added $20 Million in Volume!


FROM: Geoff Zimpfer

Dear Mortgage Professional,

You know the importance of building agent relationships and growing your purchase loan referrals.

But with the refi boom over, it's become even harder to get agents to engage. Lots of your competitors are rushing to replace their lost refi loan volume with referrals from agents.

Most Mortgage Originators struggle to get traction with agents because they're chasing agents instead of attracting agents and they don't have a system that generates a steady stream of referrals.

Therefore, I'm excited to show you a better way.

myAgent Classes is a proven method that breaks through the noise, attracts agents to you, (instead of you chasing them) and get agents motivated to send you referrals with virtually no selling.

Sound too good to be true?

Just check out what our successful members are saying on the page.

Do you want to get more agent referrals in less time?

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This isn't for everyone. It's for those willing to put in the work, show up to our weekly calls and be coachable.

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"I am beyond impressed with the value of these Agent classes and the constant growth strategies Geoff shares with us!"

Julie Hermann - Highlands Mortgage

"Closed $5 Million from Agent Classes."

"The agent classes are my #1 source of purchase loans, So far, I've received 35 buyer referrals and closed 25 loans for a volume of $5,375,000 all from agent classes.

Chris Coghill

Movement Mortgage

"Got 10 Agent Meetings!"

"Agents love these classes and they make it easy for me to stay in front of agents with real value. I had 10 agent meetings from just one class!

Michelle Oddo

Luminate Home Loans

"Amazing Content!"

"myAgent Classes free's up my time so I don't have to create class content. I just choose my class and launch the marketing. It's that simple."

Michelle Castle

Guild Morttgage



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